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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Make Or Break (Probably Break)

Make or break today, for running that is, probably ‘break’. I park up at my parents’ place and run the 9km into work.

It actually went well, although it was very cold. -2 when I set off. I gave my wonderful new Christmas present of a Gore running top its first proper outing. I needed it and even had the long sleeve hand cover things on over my gloves. L would have been so proud. I even wore a buff.

Then I run the distance again, backwards, after work but wearing a lot less. The knee bears up well but both calves are very tight, which is worrying, I expect either of them to go at any moment.

There’s another match tonight and Derby carry on from where they left off on Saturday, badly. Outplayed for 70 minutes by Bolton and losing 1-0 they suddenly spring to life when they uncharacteristically end up with 3 wingers and 2 strikers on the pitch at the same time, due to injuries and a frightening early 75th minute substitution.

They play that well in that last section of the game that we feel robbed when it finishes 1-1, conveniently forgetting the previous dire 70 minutes. 

(Tuesday 19th February)

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