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Saturday 9 February 2013

Back In The Day

There’s a bit of a debate about which film to see tonight. Lincoln was favourite but as neither of us have heard of anyone whose managed to stay awake through it yet. Personally I've struggled to stay awake through the trailer. We decide to give it a miss.

Instead we head out to Ruddington’s Three Crowns pub which has the Three Spices Indian in the back. Known for its good beer, or at least it was when I used to go there after squash back in the day before they closed the courts at Clifton. Only actually eighteen months ago. Not tonight though, Nottingham EPA is their best offer and I’ve never been a fan of blondes of any description. Although perhaps I shouldn’t be so derogatory as it was one of the runners ups in this year’s Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire competition.

Curry wise. Excellent starter, excellent naan, veg rice disappointing, curry middling but possibly down to my choice. Cheap in price, so would do it again but there are better options. 

(Saturday 9th February)

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