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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Untold Pleasures

L is in London for work today, so I get the untold pleasures of walking the boys.

Then I get on my first CityLink to Derby. Which is pleasant and quiet. Comfier than the Trent Barton’s buses but not as nice as their coaches. I also can’t get their wifi to work, early days I suppose.

On the way home, I’m the only one catching the Citylink. Despite a massive queue for the more expensive Red Arrow. I don’t understand that. Tonight I don’t have to sit on anyone’s knee, it’s a distinct pleasure.

The Red Arrow does appear to be worried, offering loads of offers, just in case other people rather than just I attempt to jump ship.

Take a break ... Take flight with red arrow. Did you get your free refreshments on your journey from Derby this morning? Just a little thank you for choosing us.

It’s amazing how you can change your principals in the face of competition. In the past, we’ve seen people threatened with being chucked off for opening a bag of crisps. 

Both are offering ‘buy a weekly pass, get next week free’...

This battle could get interesting. I look forward to travelling for free before long with a coffee in one hand, cake in the other...

More dogging tonight. Dogging relays to be precise. You can’t beat it.

(Wednesday 20th February)

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