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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Anything With Fairies

I cycle to and from work today and then take in session in the swimming pool on the way home.

L is at the theatre tonight, taking in a bit of Shakespeare with her brother. I do like a bit of Shakespeare myself but preferably not the comedies or anything with fairies in it. Hence not, as is the case tonight, Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Instead I dog sit and then meet them both in the bar at Cast, adjacent to the theatre, afterwards. This was once the legendary Limelight bar, probably the best and certainly my favourite real ale bar in Nottingham. Unfortunately it got bought out due to its location and success. It was then turned into a café bar / restaurant / deli combo e.g. it went downhill rapidly. It still did stock the occasional decent ale and also draught Leffe but once they found out we were still visiting the place, they took those off as well. Finally we got the message and went elsewhere.

So we haven’t been in for ages and it’s pleasantly surprising to find two decent local ales from Magpie on the bar. Perhaps they want us to come back?

(Wednesday 27th February)

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