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Monday 11 February 2013

Resignations And Sackings

I come in the car today, on the off chance that dog training is on. Another light dusting of snow results in a longer than usual hour and fifteen minutes journey along the 15 miles to work. Sadly, that is only slightly slower than usual. Average speed - 12mph. Usual average speed on the bike - 14mph.

Resignations and sacking are rife as the managerial merry-go-round continues. Blackburn, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Blackpool, Crystal Palace, Huddersfield. The list is endless, now Pope Benedict XVI has quit. Is he off to Huddersfield?

Sochi 2014 tickets go on general sale today, so I have a punt at biathlon tickets, which we didn’t get in the ballot and get some. Success. Tickets for the mixed relay, which sounds intriguing. It’s all a lot easier than London 2012. I think the absence of Ticketmaster helps.

I still can’t get any Short Track Speed Skating tickets though, might have to have Curling instead, just to be inside one of the arenas. I can’t get any skiing tickets either but perhaps we’ll be able to blag ourselves a view somewhere up the mountain. 

Dog training is, predictably, off, which at least means I can pick L up from her night out in Derby later. She has spent the day reading up on a chap who is due in her clinic tomorrow. He was knocked off his bike and his notes make gruesome reading. She says she’ll be leaping on me to stop me cycling tomorrow.

I’ve spent lunch time with my physio for another massage, more ultrasound and more of the same exercises. Only this time rather dangerously off the edge of a step. That could really do my knee in. I’ve also been told to run 5k this week gently (whatever that means) and she said something about swimming but I didn’t quite catch it.

L catches it for me and threatens to take me there at 7am tomorrow but won’t she be too busy leaping on me?

(Monday 11th February)

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