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Wednesday 6 February 2013


A second day on the bike and again it was good. It felt a bit easier today and the traffic was lighter too. I’ve not idea why there was so much traffic on my route yesterday, there were queues everywhere. I was also accused of ignoring L’s ‘are you live’ texts, so today I sit clutching my phone in readiness, but then she emails.

Dog training tonight and I go early because we are starting a new beginner’s class. I have again been tasked with rounding up a crop of willing agility virgins who want to be shown the ropes and I have five girlies lined up ready for initiation tonight. We don’t get many blokes. Then one cancels just over an hour before class. Great.

As I’m already now on my way there, first I drop L off at a friend's house as planned, then pull into a lay-by where I get out my little black book. After consulting the waiting list, amazingly I manage to draft in a replacement at only half-an-hour’s notice. 

(Wednesday 6th February)

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