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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Anti-Cycling Plan

L returns to the house and dumps MD, only moments after they have left. He howls, whines and spins a right sob story, then runs outside and rips chunks out of his ball like a spoilt child. How do you deal with a spoilt child? Oh yes, spoil them some more. I avoid further earache by taking him for a walk myself and thereby giving up the opportunity to cycle to work. Is this all part of L’s anti-cycling plan?

So I drive to work instead and pass the much rumoured new Nottingham to Derby bus service run by YourBus. It’s appears to be called CityLink and once at work I look it up. Officially it doesn’t start until the 18th and it’s not even on the Yourbus website yet. I’ve no idea on pricing but I did manage to find a timetable. It runs every 10 minutes from 6:25am including after 5pm unlike the Red Arrow. They are also launching their own smartcard called Genie. I think this could be bye-bye Red Arrow.

I spend most of the afternoon in a meeting. When I went in we had light snow flurries; when I come out everywhere is white over. L says I can thank her later from saving me from my bike. She may have a point.

I compensate for the lack of cycling by driving to the pool or trying to, promptly getting stuck in the Nottingham traffic. I wasn’t looking forward to it much as only half the pool is open until 6pm but that proves irrelevant because I'm so late getting there that 6pm is long gone. Seems nobody else can get here either, there’s only three of us in the pool.Which is a bit dull really. No one to race, no one to cast an appreciative eye over.

After my swim and after meeting L from the gym, I head off early to dog class, trying to move into an earlier class. Which I manage, after wading through the underwater/undersludge car park.

(Wednesday 13th February)

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