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Friday 15 February 2013

Out Of My Way, It’s Breakfast Time

I cycle today and upset the dogs by passing them on my way out. Well, I try to upset them but although Doggo greets me, MD shrugs off my pleasantries with a look that says ‘out of my way, it’s breakfast time’. You just don’t keep MD from his breakfast.

My Valentine’s present for L finally arrives. A sexy nightshirt to replace the not so sexy one she wears in winter. I'm pleased with the new one and so is she (I think), it’s actually very sexy but would be even sexier if it was a foot shorter. I think the scissors might need to come out later.

L has been contemplating aborting her AF programme. Oh dear. She’s been disappointed that she hasn’t felt any more energetic and hasn’t been bouncing out of bed in the mornings. Well, I’d like to think she hasn’t been bouncing out of bed because she didn’t want to be parted from me but hey ho. Perhaps I’m more effective than alcohol.

We take a port to bed. Now that’s how to come back to alcohol with a bang.

It’s been sort of interesting though. Mirroring L's 500 mile challenge was tough but this has been tougher. Even I’ve been inside every government guideline on the planet for the last few weeks, which is in equal parts impressive and terrible. At least now the Treasury can stop ringing me up to ask what’s going on, their tax take has been seriously down and we're in a recession you know.

(Friday 15th February)

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