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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Perhaps It's Best Not To Know

I run into work but it’s a total disaster. Have you ever done a run where you need the loo the whole time, for something you couldn’t nip in the hedge for? So I didn’t do much running and didn’t really get to see what shape the legs were in for Sunday’s race.Perhaps it's best not to know.

Somebody really doesn’t want me to do the Droitwich Half.

L is having a hell of a fun time with her computer at work and it’s on off relationship with email and the internet. She says she’ll never understand computers and a good job too. I’d be out of a job if L (and everyone else) did.

She says life was so straightforward in the ‘old’ days, she’s one of the bring back the typewriters and Tippex brigade. I never did get the hang of Tippex, which was far from straightforward. I always ended up with something resembling a scale model of the Himalayas on my page.

In the evening I’m out with an old school pal. At least my luck is changing on the beer front, dark beers tonight from Milestone and the Derby Brewery. Now I just need my running luck to turn.

(Tuesday 26th February)

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