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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Someone Somewhere Is Trying To Tell Me Something

Ok. I’ve got to get fit this week, so it’s into the bike. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was tough. It must be about a month since I last cycled to work.

This was despite the fact there was snow about. Although there’s none here, one of the guys who works for us lives near Sheffield and he couldn’t get in today due to snow. Daughter won’t be happy if Sheffield is snow bound.

Yet another 10k appears on Wollaton Park. The MoRun. Fees from £22 plus a £1.95 booking fee. Bargain! I know it’s for charity but, bah humbug, I’m not paying that much and they’ll expect you to raise loads of sponsorship as well. I’m also not growing a Mo. Actually, I thought it was going to be something to do with Mo Farah.

Now, it’s bloody snowing here. Great. Just the little matter of a 15 mile bike ride home. I’ll pack a spade in my rucksack next time. My fitness campaign is just not going my way. I think possibly someone somewhere is trying to tell me something. L suggests that might be ‘rest that leg’ or ‘take it easy’. Hmmm.

In other news, Richard III is found underneath a car park in Leicester. I guess we knew he’s show up eventually. We watch a rather dire programme about it. It was interesting, just badly made and would have been far better if they focused on the subject in hand e.g. the locating and then digging up of Richard III rather than trying to devise a ‘human’ story around the people involved in the process. Who just got annoying. There must have been some really fascinating research involved but they just glossed over it in favour of doing a sob story with some woman and the presenter guy. I’m still not sure who he was.

(Tuesday 5th February)

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