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Friday 22 February 2013

My Own Personal Chauffeur

L’s spending a day working from home, entertaining the boiler repairman and of course the dogs. I think she’s already regretting it, dog wise. I'm sure they’ll be asleep soon.

I get the CityLink bus again, which is fine. It’s just me, again, and my own personal chauffeur.

The boiler man comes and goes. He hasn’t got the parts with him that he needs. I think we saw that one coming. He leaves us sort of working. I would hope so; it was sort of working before he arrived.

L suggests that after the beer festival tonight, we come home and have Chinese noodles and prawn crackers with the dogs. It was a good job she said that now, otherwise I would have dismissed it later as a drunken request.

We’re at Derby Winter Beer Festival, at the Roundhouse, and I meet L there after work. It seemed better this year, the beer seems more in order this time, whereas last year they seemed to have been racked in some top secret (or random) order. Apart from a few missing beers, which I assume have run out or not arrived, I find everything I’m looking for.

Then, late in the evening, I venture into the back room where the A’s and B’s are held, only to find another selection of ‘Championship’ beers including all the missing ones. They’ve done it to me again and now there’s not much time to catch up.

I think L only has 3 beers all night, partly because I end up drinking a few of hers she didn’t like. I'm good like that. Instead of the beers she has several glasses of mead.


Thornbridge, Craft Union 5.0% (half)                 
Muirhouse, Drum Patientia Franco 6.0% (half)         
Peak Ales, Noggin Filler 5.0% (half)           
Hoggleys, Solstice Stout 5.0% (third)          
North Star, Polaris XB Winter Porter 5.2% (third)    
North Star, Devils Deadly Weapon 6.6% (third)  
By The Horns, Diamond Geezer Red 5.5% (half)   
Nobby's, Tow'd Navigation 6.1% (third)         
Grainstore, Rutland Beast 5.3% (half)          
Raw, Empire Ghost 5.9% (half)            


Worthington, White Shield 5.6% (third)         
Stocklinch, Black Smock 5.0% (third)                 
Grainstore, Rutland Beast 5.3% (third)         
Mead, Mead. Mead...

Now for those noodles.

(Friday 22nd February)

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