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Thursday 14 February 2013

Dark Chocolate And Another Woman

It’s Valentine’s Day but my present for L doesn’t arrive. I give the people involved a verbal bashing by email, they promise delivery first thing tomorrow. I make my apologies to L who delivers both dark chocolate and another woman on time. I shall enjoy my Black Magic by watching Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games.

I also fail to get the necessary horse steaks for a Valentine’s meal. Well you have to try these things don’t you. Everywhere is sold out; there’s been a run on them apparently.

There’s also not much love on the Red Arrow this morning. Another rattling local bus rather than their usual coaches. I say usual but the mix is about 50-50 at the moment. No wifi, no heating, same premium price. Perhaps the new Yourbus CityLink service will take commuters seriously.

And then there’s Oscar Pistorius. OMG. Happy Valentine’s Day darling Girlfriend.

My physio emails me to ask how the knee has held up. Err, well, actually I’ve not done any running yet this week. The weather has just been too foul.

Squash goes well. A 2-2 draw and I was leading 8-5 in the fifth when time was called. I don’t think he took it well and I have the facial injury to prove it. Beer through a straw tonight.

(Thursday 14th February)

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