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Monday 25 February 2013

Not So Useless Physio

I see the lovely Jennifer Lawrence won the best Actress Oscar, bless her. 

The rest of the awards were pretty uninspiring really. I’m sure Daniel Day-Lewis was very good but we still can’t face Lincoln.

L pulls out of Droitwich due to her bad ankle and returns her number. Then books herself in for physio but she is disheartened when she learns it is to be female physio, apparently they tend to be useless. That’s very sexist of her personally I prefer the word gentle.

However, I think her physio may have hacked into our email exchange. The next thing I hear is that L has crawled back to her office after one of the most painful physio sessions she’s ever had. Suddenly her physio doesn’t sound particularly useless...

We’ve had some pretty bleak dog training sessions at our outdoor venue on Monday nights but tonight is one of the bleakest, there’s a very cold wind that blow right through you up on the hill tonight.

It’s a good session though. Somebody who has a judging appointment in a few weeks time, judging grades 6 and 7 (the elite), tries the course out on us, a motley bunch of lower grade competitors. I’m not sure she learnt much in the ensuing chaos but it was a productive session for us. We all improved with each attempt at the course. Now if only they gave you six or seven attempts at a course in competition we’d all be laughing.

(Monday 25th February)

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