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Monday 18 February 2013

Horse In Frustration

I’m the car today but I see one of the new CityLink buses this morning. Empty. I suppose they haven’t exactly advertised CityLink and no one knows how much it costs. At least it is now on their website and apparently their smart card is also launched today, so I guess we’ll see how it does. Basically though, there aren’t enough options post 5pm to get home from work and this will help.

L’s Mother is back in hospital with hip problems, so L heads off to visit her whilst I head off with the boys for a spot of rather cold dogging.

At least it’s on, for only the second time this year. In fact, every night has been cold and/or wet since we started in the autumn. It will be nice to train in the light and the dry one day.

MD is up for it at least and is Doggo, who barks and howls himself horse in frustration of being stuck in the car for most of the night.

(Monday 18th February)

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