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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Cheese Or Cheese?

Another day on the bike, dodging the showers. Which I’m sure have nothing to do with a Spanish Plume ones because they look like typically foul English ones to me.

L offers the choice of cheese or cheese for tea tonight. Either a copy of the cheese and mushroom pie she had in the pub on Sunday or macaroni cheese? Neither sound particularly low calorie... but I think she’s in sod it mode due to work.

Yep, she’s just announced she’s off to drown her sorrows in Waterstones. Oh dear. Her book ‘units’ will be higher than her alcohol units. L has a serious book hoarding problem.

People complain about the councils shutting libraries. Well, I’m thinking of starting my own, simply by lending out L’s book collection. I'm sure I could lend them out whilst they're on her 'waiting to read pile' and she wouldn’t even notice.

I get home to find that the other literary buff in the household (sort of), Daughter, has carried out her threat to redecorate the bathroom with post-it notes. All revision pointers for her exams. I said she could, as long as she got an 'A'. More worryingly, she obviously intends to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. I just hope the ink doesn’t run when someone takes a shower.

It’s Doggo one night a month of official training tonight and he does well, as does MD. In fact the trainer says that was one of the best bits of agility she's ever seen me do. With MD? Is she mad?

(Wednesday 11th May)

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