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Friday 27 May 2011

Glycogen Stores

On the bus and feeling a bit queasy again, as I finish ‘Blind Eye’ on audio. At least it’s out the way, problem is I worry how gruesome the next book by Stuart McBride is going to be. You just have to keep reading don’t you.

It’s Daughter's last day of lessons at college, assuming she passes of course and we have every faith that she will, even if she doesn’t. I’ll get the Kleenex ready for tonight, as L sobs that it’s the end of an era, etc, etc. Think of the poor college, the students have probably all been around collecting souvenirs off the walls. We know it happens, Son's room is a testament to last years.

I take the dogs on the park, where we are all fascinated by a chap who is stood in the middle of park waving his arms about. Perhaps he's having a rapture? Which can't be easy with two dogs chasing balls around your feet.

I’d planned a night in tonight, as I’m doing the Richmond Sportive tomorrow, not because I want an alcohol free and/or an early night but mainly because L is coming with me and I’m worried about getting her up in time for my planned 6am departure.

This plan goes pear shaped when I talk her into coming to meet us on the park after the gym. She drops her bags off at home, whilst I bring mine along to the pub with me, Doggo and MD. Where I top up my glycogen stores in the Admiral Rodney and the Wheelhouse.

(Friday 27th May)

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