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Sunday, 1 May 2011

What The Bob?

Another early start and drive down to Worcester. Dog show.

Things go ok but I rush Doggo on his weaves. I got to the end of them and turned to face him. So he stopped three poles from the end in sheer shock, looked up at me and muttered ‘what the bob?’ or words to that effect. He is a dog who cannot be rushed and he knows it. So 5 faults. Later I try and mess up his other run but this time he ignores my insane instructions and completes the course correctly, although we are placed outside of the rosettes.

MD continues his brilliant weekend. First he goes clear on what was a very tricky jumping course. That was a shock but it wasn’t quick, so no rosette. Then he makes a hash of his next two courses, so I conclude that he’s tired after his run yesterday... so he confounds expectation by storming around his final course faultlessly. It looked quick to me but again we just missed the rosettes. Tough work getting a rosette today. Two clears in one day though is promising.

(Sunday 1st May)

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