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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Not Thwarted Today

On the bike today, complete with a few gearing problems. Looks like I might have to get it looked at again.

Last night I was thwarted over the Timothy Taylor’s Ram Tam but rather conveniently we’re due in that very same pub for lunch today. So I get a second crack at it and no one drags me next door this time.

I’ve taken a punt and booked squash, even though I don’t know what injury my opponent has planned this week. As it turns out, he doesn’t come up with anything, so our game looks like it’s on.

There are some real nutters about tonight. As I drive to squash there’s a guy pulling wheelies behind me on his motorbike. Well actually its moped and he looks pretty stupid but clearly he doesn’t think so. I wish him to fall off but unfortunately he doesn't.

Then later when I head home, after a not very successful match, I pass a chap walking up the ring road, on the road, against the traffic. Everyone was having to swerve around him. It was a good job it wasn’t dark. Death wish.

(Thursday 19th May)

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