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Friday 6 May 2011

Clean Living

I partake in the full English to prepare myself for the Leptospirosis, the cloud of Lime particles and the dust... Today they tell me about the dust. They’re shot blasting one of the weighbridges and there’s half an inch of dust on the floor. We are advised to wear a mask to go with the plastic glasses, the boots, the high-viz and the hard hat. Is there anything else I'm missing?

I’m supposed to be into clean living and I had to have extra alcohol last night to prepare myself for this. Well that was one reason, the other reason was because it was on expenses.

The day goes well though and we get to leave around 3pm. So back off up the M1 we go and we make it home in reasonable time despite the SatNav.

I walk in the door and the dogs greet me like a long lost friend. Then L gets home and I greet her like a long lost friend, and some. The dogs then get a welcome home park session, then L meets up for a drink. I need something to get all that dust out of my throat.

(Friday 6th May)

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