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Saturday 21 May 2011

Judgement Day

What’s this? No events. So, a lie in and we best make the most of it because today is ‘judgement day’.

Without any shadow of a doubt’ and that’s a quote, the world is going to end today and there is no ‘Plan B’. So that's that then. There really was no point in me training for tomorrows Notts 10 race or for next week’s sportive or even brushing up the dogs agility for next week’s Crufts qualifier. Selecting my Fantasy Team was also a complete waste of time as indeed was any last minute training the five Premiership football teams about to engage in relegation roulette tomorrow had planned.

So I just stay in bed, snuggle up to L and contemplate Skinner and his pigeons for one final time.

Sorry, that’s probably gone over the head of anyone without A Level revision going on in their household and therefore rooms covered with post-it notes. Personally I’m come to a decision, just in time as it's 'judgement day', and I'm with Chomsky, who disagreed with Skinner, I’ve never liked pigeons either.

So we lie there waiting for Jesus Christ to return to earth and round up the true believers before zapping the rest of us with a giant earthquake. The dogs nag a bit, so in the end I get up and take them for a final park session. They do not seem to have grasped the magnitude of the situation.

Still nothing happens, so I give the lawn a final trim. Don’t want to leave things in too much of a mess for the ‘rapture’.

Then we settle down for our final supper, of pasta, just in case somehow tomorrow's race goes ahead after all.

(Saturday 21st May)

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