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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Four Day Week

Back at work today and you know what, they expect us to work four days this week. What’s the world coming to.

Daughter kindly emails me a picture of the Absolut Raspberry vodka that she wants.

The reward for finally getting those university choices in. She says that if I can’t get that, then get another one that's in a pretty bottle... that’s so the sort of thing her mother would say.

Welcome back to work... I have a day of meetings. Our newest customer is a pain in the rear, nothing we do for him is enough. We have an internal meeting about him and then a conference call with him. Which all means that my 10am meeting to discuss what we’re doing at another customer in London on Thursday and Friday doesn’t happen.

L meanwhile asks for fresh tarragon... what does a tarragon look like? Didn’t they used to be on Dr Who in the good old days? Tarragon is green and spiky apparently. As I said, didn’t they used to be on Dr Who?

Due to my London trip, squash has been brought forward to tonight. Tuesdays never suit my squash game but a 3-1 defeat is a victory of sorts.

(Tuesday 3rd May)

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