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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No Yuck

It’s still windy as I pedal into work on my best bike again.

L tracks down Son's abode for next year on Street View. Quite posh, detached, I was expecting a terrace. The landlord has even thoughtfully put a ramp up to the front door to make it easier for them to drag all those traffic cones, ‘For Sale’ signs and other assorted shop signs in to the house.

I go to the pool after work, to do my meagre number of lengths, compared with L’s mammoth Great North Swim training anyway. It’s very quiet when I arrive. They have just two lanes in, with only three of us using them and only two others in the main pool. I share the 'fast' lane with girl in a flowery bikini, who is a better swimmer than her attire suggests but I soon get the better of her and she decamps down to lane two. So I must have been impressive, or scary. Then at 6.30, as if by magic, the place is suddenly awash with people as the rest of the six lanes went in. There's a lesson in there somewhere for the council.

This means I get a more seriously attired and faster woman in my lane, time to finish up and bail out I think.

Back home I'm sitting watching a new band called ‘Yuck’ on ‘Later with Jools Holland’. Something I should have been doing tonight at the Rescue Rooms.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to postpone our Nottingham show at the Rescue Rooms on the 24th of May until the 14th of November. This is because we've been offered an incredible opportunity to play Later with Jools Holland :) :) :) All your tickets will remain valid and you can refund them if you need to. I hope everyone understands!"

I would understand better if they offered me a Jools ticket as compensation.

(Tuesday 24th May)

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