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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

One Glass

On the bike today and bloody hard work it is too. I’m so unfit.

L suggests I slip the bottle of white wine she got for her birthday into the fridge. Hmmm. On a Tuesday? She must be having a hard day at work. I shouldn’t really collaborate on such an evil deed.

It’ll only be ‘one’ she assures me and I have permission to wrestle the bottle off her after the ‘one’, although she isn’t specific about the size of it. She might be planning a large 'one', a pint even. I’ll give it some careful consideration.

First I cycle to the pool, do a few lengths and bump into L who’s heading into the gym. Then when heads off to her book club, still asking for just ONE glass... I head home with the intention of putting the jumps up in the garden and doing ten minutes or so training with MD before taking both the boys on the park.

Whereas the swimming went to plan nothing else does because it then rains, so my plans with the boys are shelved. Instead I cook Spanish Plume. Which doesn’t exist of course, so I make it up and even concoct an accompanying side dish. Then contrary to my better judgement, I also put the wine in the fridge.

The weather fines up and while the Plume cooks, I get to do a bit of training with MD after all, although it’s now too late for the park. Problem is the rain has made the garden a touch muddy and both boys, even Doggo who hasn’t even been training, come in looking like... well two dogs who’ve rolled in the mud.

As L comes in from her book club and sees the state of the boys, I wonder if 'one' glass is still going to be enough. I distract her by asking what her club’s latest book is. Another Ian McEwan? Another dreaded Rose Tremain? Or perhaps they’ve diversified into some eye ball gouging courtesy of Stuart McBride? Nope, it’s Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’. Ha, we saw the film last week and prior to that L read the book. So I guess she gets the month off for good behaviour.

I decide I’m going to have to bath the dogs, well at least their paws. MD isn’t happy, Doggo is terrified. It’s only water mate.

L’s race pack for Manchester on Sunday arrives. She’s in start number two ‘White’ at 10:55, only twenty minutes behind me. She’ll be chasing my tail. We can’t remember what predicted time she put down to get that but I’m certainly not going to be able to finish in time to see her start.

(Tuesday 10th May)

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