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Monday 30 May 2011

An Interesting Project

It rains today, most of the day, as is the way on a bank holiday. So our not very convincing plan to run in the Cross Country race at Oaks in Charnwood is shelved. It’s entry on the day only, so it’s not like we’ve paid for it or anything. Bet they got more than a few ‘no shows’.

Instead we stay in bed as long as possible, at least until the rain stops, well almost stops. Then the boys get a park session but no footballs. I’m thinking of Doggo’s legs.

Later I’m in the loft pulling out a shoe box of concert tickets and stolen setlists. I’ve recorded all the gigs I’ve attended from October 2006 onwards in this blog, separated them out for clarity at 'Fit For Moshing' and also recorded them on 'setlist.fm'. Now I’m trying to assemble a complete list of all the gigs I've ever been to. That means all the way back to the middle of the 1980’s. Gulp.

Luckily I've saved most of my gig tickets, well I've tried to save them all but often they take them off you and some never had tickets in the first place. I also used to pay on the door for a lot of gigs.

My computerised diary, good old (fashioned) Lotus Organiser, goes right back to 1994 and has most of the gigs I went to listed. Although it also has a lot of ones that I made a note of, but never went to... and can I remember which ones I skipped... hmmm.

An interesting project me thinks.

(Monday 30th May)

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