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Monday 23 May 2011

Safety In Australia

Back to work, life goes on, despite the end of the world not happening. Don’t worry, it’s been rescheduled for 21st October, which will nicely get me out of the Birmingham Half Marathon. If they’re right this time.

Doggo’s been taking this 'rapture' business very seriously. He’s been digging an escape tunnel in our spare room for some time. He was obviously in the know. Problem is it was under the computer table, damaging cables as he went, but somehow not electrocuting himself, on his mission to find safety in Australia. So I piled a load of boxes up under the computer table to stop him. Worked a treat. He just dug one somewhere else. So more shredded carpet to pick up after a brief un-apocalyptic storm this afternoon.

I take him to dog class, where I leave him in the boot, where he can’t do any damage whilst I train MD.

(Monday 23rd May)

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