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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Don’t Hold Your Breath

I thought I best start my training for Sunday’s ten miler, so I get the bus in and will run after work. Well I try and get the bus in, I miss it and have to get a later one.

The Metro says we’re going to have a two week heatwave from Sunday onwards... Not that I’m sure the Metro ever gets anything right. Isn’t most of the Metro pre-printed weeks in advance and then wrapped in a bit of up to date news and sport? So don’t hold your breath. That was probably last year’s prediction.

The organisers of this year’s Nottingham Marathon and Half Marathon have assured everyone that the race will still start and finish at Victoria Embankment this year as usual despite the flood defence work that is going on there. Unless of course the site floods before they can finish it.

It’s going to be interesting because they’re building a 1.8 metre high bank across the field, cutting off the finish line area from the road. The organisers don’t seem daunted by this. They’re going to erect a ramp over the flood defence wall. That’s going to be interesting... it’s going to be just like ‘Survival Of The Fittest’.

I run from work to Long Eaton, all 15km of it. I’m rather pleased with that. I even dodge the rain, it starts raining almost as soon as I get on the bus.

(Tuesday 17th May)

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