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Thursday 5 May 2011

Down Amongst The Rats

Ok. London here we come, with dodgy SatNav. I’ve been to this place many times, although not for a few years but never via that route. There are so many London side streets I’ve missed out and the detour thorough Cockfosters was lovely. I’ve never been to Cockfosters before. Very scenic. It’s also never taken me so long to get there. As you can probably tell I’m not a fan of SatNav and I’ve not seen anything to change my mind today.

Our first meeting (indoors) goes well but then we have to have our Healthy and Safety Briefing before we can go out onto site. I’m warned about Leptospirosis, that’s Weils Disease. Many a dead rat has been found around here. More than the presence of rats themselves, it worries me more what killed them. All the same I’m given a card to give to the surgeon if I’m rushed to hospital within three weeks of getting back home.

This is one unhealthy place. We are advised to wear plastic glasses when we pass the Lime building. My colleague has a pair, I don’t. I would have to apply in writing to get some and that takes time. Healthy and Safety you know. At least in these boots my toes will be ok if a lorry tries to run over my foot.

On the upside the hotel is ok and we’re in the bar by 6pm. They even have real ale. The food is good too. They serve a decent curry and have a cheese board, with Camembert, which is a nice variation from the usual Brie.

(Thursday 5th May)

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